Mobile Gambling Applications – the 21st century way to gamble!

Gone are the days when one needed to be physically present in a tangible casino, in a state or country where betting is legal, to be able get their bet on. Since the advent of the smart phone, a lot has changed. Not only have these devices revolutionized communication, they have virtually revolutionized all aspects of modern human life, and entertainment is no exception. You can now play real money gambling games through your smartphone from anywhere and at any time as long as you have an internet connection. When we say ‘games’ you can rest assured that this includes literally everything – poker, slot machines, roulette, bingo – you name it!

Mobile gambling apps VS responsive websites

We would like to reiterate that apps and mobile websites are two completely different playing fields so to speak. A mobile gambling app is a something you may download from app stores such as Google Play or iTunes, whereas a mobile or desktop gambling website is something you can access through web browsers such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

So why download an application onto your phone when you can just play your favorite gambling games on websites? That’s a good question and we have an equally good answer!

Mobile applications ensure that you get the best, completely customized user experience possible and also, you can bet your bottom dollar that anything you download from an established application store will be subjected to ratings, reviews and a testing process and will hence be a lot more genuine and safe when compared to just some website on the world wide web. Obviously, when dealing with real money gambling games, we take it that we don’t need to explain why safety and reliability should be top priorities for any potential user.

This is just the tip of the iceberg! There are several more reasons why you should stick to a gambling app instead of using a responsive web browser game, but we won’t get into it right now. We trust you get the idea.

Best Mobile Gambling Apps For USA And International Players

If it has a US flag in the table row, that represents that the site accepts all players from the United States.  If the flag has no color (gray), then that particular site is not US friendly.

Mobile Casinos

Site NameBonus OfferRatingUSA Friendly?Visit Link
Luckyred Mobile Casino400% Max $40005starsusafriendlyVisit Site
Bovada Mobile casino100% Max $30005starsusafriendlyVisit Site Mobile Casino100% Max $50005starsusafriendlyVisit Site
SunPalace Mobile Casino400% Max $100005starsusafriendlyVisit Site
Las Vegas USA Mobile400% Max $100005starsusafriendlyVisit Site

Mobile Poker Rooms

Site NameBonus OfferRatingUSA Friendly?Visit Link
Bovada Poker100% Max $10005starsusafriendlyVisit Site
Betonline Poker200% Max $20005starsusafriendlyVisit Site Poker200% Max $20005starsusafriendlyVisit Site
Intertops Poker200% Max $10005starsusafriendlyVisit Site

Mobile Sports Betting Sites

Site NameBonus OfferRatingUSA Friendly?Visit Link
Bovada Sportsbook50% Max $2505starsusafriendlyVisit Site
Betonline Sportsbook25% Max $10005starsusafriendlyVisit Site
Sportsbetting.ag25% Max $10005starsusafriendlyVisit Site
Bookmaker15% Max $25005starsusafriendlyVisit Site
Intertops25% Max $1004starsusafriendlyVisit Site

Mobile Bingo Sites

Site NameBonus OfferRatingUSA Friendly?Visit Link
Southbeach Bingo400% Max $10005starsusafriendlyVisit Site
Bingo Hall400% Max $10005starsusafriendlyVisit Site

Android Gambling Apps

The Android user base is growing exponentially all across the globe. It was introduced by Google in 2008 as a competitor to Apple’s iOS and overpowered iOS’ dominance towards the end of 2010. Subsequently, developers of mobile applications have made sure to cater to Android users first and foremost. Hence, Android phone owners are treated to a wide array of all the best mobile gambling applications.   Check out our page on Android gambling apps.

iPhone Gambling Apps

Apple released the first version of the iPhone in the year 2007 and has come a long way since. Apple’s iOS set the gold standard in the global smart-phone market and still has a stronghold on many leading European and North American countries despite Androids lower costing models competing neck to neck. Gambling app developers know for a fact that iPhone users, while they aren’t as many as Android users, are still the big spenders and therefore, some of the best, state of the art gambling apps are almost always first made available on iTunes. More about iPhone gambling apps.

iPad Gambling Apps

Apple’s iPad is practically one of the best devices to run gambling game apps on, the screen size, weight and battery life make the iPad perfectly suited for poker apps, casino apps, bingo apps and even sports betting apps, all of which you can find thousands of on iTunes. Learn more about iPad gambling apps.

Windows Gambling Apps

The Windows phone has made a substantial comeback into the global smart phone market. They have worked in collaboration with Nokia to innovate the brilliant Nokia Lumia series. Furthermore, the world awaits the much anticipated released of Microsoft’s latest version of Windows – Windows 10! The app store in Windows is called the Windows Store and all the top casino apps and other real money gambling apps have been made available for mobile Windows devices too. More about Windows gambling apps.


Do I have to put money on the line when using mobile gambling apps?

Not necessarily! There are tons of play for free or play for fun apps available for mobile devices which you can play on just to kill some time. You can also use these play for free apps to get the hang of the game before actually moving onto real money gambling apps.

How will I get paid my winnings?

This varies from app to app. Most applications will directly deposit your winnings into the bank account provided by you at regular intervals of time. There are several other options, most apps will have a help or FAQ’s section with a detailed description as to how you can get paid.

Will I miss out on offers and promotional bonuses if I play on mobile apps?

Not at all! In fact, developers and online casinos prefer that their players use applications over web browsers and hence they encourage app usage by promoting them using several welcome bonuses and other offers that browser game players cannot avail.